Saturday, August 24, 2013

Madras cafe movie review - by Ananth Chelladurai

AC Reviews: Madras cafe

Though the movie's plot was serious it started with a "big comedy" in the name of disclaimer that the characters in the movie are work of fiction.  Even a 10 year old kid in Tamilnadu can identify that Anna is Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Trying to see this as just a movie it starts with a narration in church and I was wondering why he has to do that after 3 yrs. John looks like a drunkard, unclean, unshaved after the incident, he wasn't like that even after her wife's murder.

The movie doesn't have any songs which was a good factor. There were few scenes which also showed the atrocities done to innocent tamils in Srilanka, I appreciate being brave on showing these scenes. The scenes where the journalist try to reach LTF base camp were so real and for that reason in many scenes it was so real to portray the real situation. There were few dialogs and scenes which shows how LTTE is organized and disciplined. Many places they have worked on minute details like the pre assassination scenes. But overall Sircar have wrote the script like a congress MP looking with an one eyed view.

I was little happy that they do show some futility that happened to innocent Tamils during the civil war. But they do portray LTTE as a terrorist organization and Prabhakaran as a terrorist. I am glad that they didn't say the whole Tamils in Srilanka are terrorists.

Honestly the movie would look awesome for any Indian other than Tamils, who doesn't know much about history of the civil war. In climax when John says though he (Prabhakaran) may be a leader to few people, I still lost my prime minister will make many emotional. In fact that was one bad move that the tigers made.

Verdict: Flawed, ambitious, brave attempt of few congressmen.
Stars: 2.75/5

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